Mooer D7

Like all the other pedals in the Japanese company’s New Micro Series, the Mooer D7, quite incredibly, manages to pack seven modes (six delays and a 150-second looper) and preset functionality into a mini-enclosure with five knobs and two pressure buttons. Tap Tempo and Trails are also available through alternative footswitch functions.

That’s a lot of stuff, for such a small pedal!

We added the Mooer D7 to our list of Best Mini Delay Pedals.

The D7 Delay is the redesigned multi-delay effects pedal in The New Micro Series. Using the 7 signature LED lights as a guide, this pedal houses 6 customizable digital delay effects with the sixth LED indicating the built-in LOOPER that can be used in tandem with any delay setting. Like its sister pedals in the New Micro Series, all of these effects are customizable and storable for your convenience. Tap Tempo functionality allows you to easily set the desired delay timing and of course, with the “Trail On” feature, delay effects fade out naturally and organically.

– 6 different types of MOOER’s customizable delay effects.
– Tap Tempo to control delay timing.
– “Trail On” function allows the effects to fade out naturally.
– Storable presets.
– 150-second capacity LOOPER.

The New Micro Series pedals come feature packed with original and classic tones, numerous options for customization, and an updated form factor featuring the signature 7 LED configuration.