MLA Pedals Germanium Eliminator V2

Named after one of the most popular albums by ZZ Top, the MLA Pedals Germanium Eliminator is a Germanium version of the op-amp Eliminator by Georgia-based builder Missing Link Audio (aka, MLA). As you may have guessed, both pedals are voiced after the tone of the bearded band’s guitarist Billy Gibbons.

With its high input impedance and three controls, this overdrive can do anything from boost to hot overdrive to complete tube-like saturation, with the thick and chewy character.  The Germanium diodes add a slightly different character from the original.

MLA Pedals Germanium Eliminator, Builder’s Notes

Every New Germanium Eliminator is shipped with a limited Edition Key Chain

With the success of the Original Eliminator we decided to design one that could nail the “Reverend” Tone in more ways than one. Gibbons is known for his fuzz pedal use in developing his most sought after tone from the 70’s and 80’s and now the Eliminator offers the best of both worlds by adding Germanium into the design.

Now you can obtain that cranked 100 watt amp tone and response along with the right amount of that special fuzz and turn any small amp into that big rig tone and not get thrown out of the club.

From boost to hot overdrive to complete tube like saturation are all possible. It nails the Gibbons Tone. From the days of Tres Hombres to the all-out Rock of the 80’s major tones. The Germanium adds just enough flavor to allow you to be you while at the same time being able to dial in the Gibbons tone and so much more. The Pinch Harmonics Just Jump Out at You.

High input impedance lets you pull out every note of your guitar’s natural tone. Volume lets you adjust from below unity gain to a significant boost. The pedal is designed to leave on all of the time and use your guitar’s volume control to dial in fat rhythm tones to a perfect lead tone with the twist of the knob.

It has a wide range of tonal control. It pans from fat and thick chewy guitar. Gain control lets you adjust the gain to the perfect amount for your tonal needs, from sweet and sassy to gnarly. The pedal uses a pair of carefully chosen premium dual opamps for the best tonal balance possible. It’s the raw sound of the gain stages uncompressed, which is in our opinion a very underused guitar tone.