maxon fuzz elements

Godlyke has announced the release of seven new pedals designed to reproduce the unique sounds of the world’s most desirable vintage fuzz pedals called Maxon Fuzz ElementsMaxon has modeled and mapped the complex elements using modern software technology that make up the core sounds of these legendary effect units, reproducing them using advanced analog circuitry that is accurate and stable. Each Fuzz Elements model features a compact, diecast enclosure, LED status indicator, easy-access battery door and true bypass switching.

FA10 Fuzz Elements Air: Accurately replicates the classic octave-fuzz sounds of the Univox Super Fuzz. Two distinct fuzz tones via the Fat/Scoop switch.

FEA10 Fuzz Elements Earth: Based on the classic “Ram’s Head” transistor fuzz circuit of the Seventies — loud, throaty fuzz with singing sustain and excellent note definition.

FE10 Fuzz Elements Ether: Adds a parametric tone section to the FA10 circuit. Cut or Boost specific frequencies to create a variety of new fuzz/Octavia tones.

FF10 Fuzz Elements Fire: Emulates the massive, bottom-heavy octave-fuzz sounds of the Roland Bee Baa. Features two distinct fuzz sounds via the Notch footswitch.

FWA10 Fuzz Elements Water: Adds a parametric tone section to the FEA10 circuit. Cut or Boost specific frequencies to create a variety of new fuzz/distortion tones.

FW10 Fuzz Elements Wind: Conjures up the classic fuzz tones of the Vox Tonebender Mk. II. Vintage/Hot gain settings and switchable output buffer.

FV10 Fuzz Elements Void: Based on the Ampeg Scrambler, generates even-order harmonic overtones that are dynamic and frequency dependent to create unique Octavia/ring modulator sounds.

It seems as though they’ve covered all of their bases here. I’m excited to hear how they sound in practice. –Gus Green