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Baby Alpaca’s Gear: MacBook Pro
macbook pro ” Mac Book Pro, Apogee, Logic.  They make it so easy to record the music we play.  “

This is one of those projects that’s seemed to come out of nowhere but now it’s everywhere.Baby Alpaca, originally from Ohio, this Brooklyn-based duo is currently recording a full length album to be released on Atlas Chair. The project is highlighted by singer and auto harp player Chris Kittrell whose echoing voice and lanky stature charm the hearts of many. Early works are very minimalist and we’re excited to hear what will come from the studio sessions. We caught up with him to see what he likes in the studio.

How much of your recording is done at home versus in the studio? 

About half in half.  Usually start songs out of studio and then bring them in to finish.

What are the pieces of equipment that you find particularly inspiring when recording at home? 

Mac Book Pro, Apogee, Logic.  They make it so easy to record the music we play.

What one piece of hardware/software would you most like to add to your recording setup (cost not an issue)? Why?

A Neuman TLM 67 Set Z Condesor Microphone.  A great condensor mic to record vocals would be awesome.

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Neuman TLM 67 Set Z

Do you expect your next record to be self-produced, or would you like to work with a producer? If it’s the latter, who would you most like to produce your band, and why?

I always like to be involved in making the sound.  And also love making music with producers.  I’ve worked with a few so far and love it!

Do you have a particular recording style that you aim for? What techniques do you employ to recreate it?  

No, Just making sounds that fit the music and style of the band.  Being true to the mood and vibe.

Who determines the direction and style of your recordings?  

The song.  And all parties involved.

Is there a person outside the band that’s been important in perfecting your recorded or live sound?  


What other artists would you say have had the biggest influence in your approach to recording? Why?  

I don’t know much about other’s recording process.  For me it’s been much about figuring out how it all works for me.  And I love that approach.

What do you find to be the most challenging aspects of the recording process? On the flipside, what aspects are the most rewarding?  

Making sure the emotion and power of a song carries through.  The true feeling. The great part is sharing it with the world!