Posted by
Paolo De Gregorio
Nov 30, 2018

Here’s a brand new demo by The Pedal Zone of the KMA Audio Machines Fuzzly Bear – don’t let the name mislead you, this thing is a wild beast! KMA Audio is a German pedal manufacturer not yet distributed in the US with nine models under their belt, mostly gain pedals with the exception of a phaser and an octaver.

Here’s more info about the Fuzzly Bear directly from the manufacturer’s website:

The sound of this fuzz-pedal is influenced by an old underrated box of the 1970, the classic Jordan Bosstone. The main reason why it did not conquer the world’s guitar players like other effects was the massive lack of bass.

We refined the circuit to get an old school sound with a modern Twist. First of all we brought back the low end and added a bias control to explore new capabilities of the forgotten pedal. The essential SKIN/MEAT knob controls the bias of the circuit. You can dial in a sharp skinny fuzzy tone or a thick and meaty wall of furry. The GAIN control delivers a whole range of different fuzz shapes. Back it off to get a dirty chunky overdriven tone, turn it up and your tone becomes thicker and thicker. Set the gain fully clockwise and magic will happen: The smooth decay turns into a starved and gated fuzz sound, perfect for classic tunes. Check out the demo, get bitten. – more info here.