The Mask Audio Neckbrace is a simple-looking 3-stage phaser pedal inspired by the classic orange phasers of yesteryear, but with a lusher sound and a much longer cycle time, extending to 17 seconds at its slower setting for truly slow-motion effects!

Two knobs control Mix and Rate and a toggle delivers two different speed rates.

The pedal was released in mid-March 2023 (we missed the release because we were deep into production of the launch of our London show, sorry about that!) and it’s been getting a really good reception, which is pretty much anything you can ask to a two-knob pedal, besides being affordable, which this unit almost is, at $170.

You can hear it in the videos below. We added the Neckbrace to our comprehensive article about the best phaser pedals.

Mask Audio Neckbrace, Builder’s Notes

Neckbrace is a three stage OTA based phaser that lives where most phasers don’t. With it’s simple interface, it’s extremely easy to create subtle to extreme jet-star-screaming modulation to inspire your creative endeavors. Those who are looking for an alternative to the classic orange box will find a more full and lush sound. And for those of you who love that slow creeping modulation you will be smitten with Neckbrace’s 17 seconds cycle time at the slowest.


Mix: Goes from your full dry unaffected signal to fully wet phase vibrato. Traditional phasing sounds can be found with the knob around noon.

Rate: Controls how fast the modulation is. Goes from fast to slow.

Speed toggle: Sets the speed range for the LFO. Down goes from a glacial pace to moderate amounts of movement. Up goes from pretty fast to near ring mod. The slower setting may take a moment to begin to work on startup

Loud (internal trim): Output gain of the pedal. Can be used for quite a bit of boost if desired