Lauren Audio B100 Console Fuzz

Before fuzz pedals existed, expert engineers with experimental inclinations could achieve fuzzy sounds by massively overloading their console preamps. The Lauren Audio B100is a fuzz inspired by the sound of a Neve B100 preamp card, found in the 1053 and similar channel strips.

The topology of those preamps resembles a two-transistor fuzz, resulting in a high-gain fuzz with a sweet side, and the builder was able to keep most of the unique elements of the original circuit to deliver a fuzz with width and compression reminiscent of vintage fuzzes, and the cut and focus of modern ones.

By balancing the input and gain controls, you can achieve smoky overdrive tones and warm, clean tones akin to a germanium preamp. Maxing out the input and gain controls produces a massive wall of fuzz. The input affects the low end, while the gain slightly changes mids and highs depending on the settings, acting as a pseudo EQ for tone control.

Thecircuit blends old and new components, featuring carbon film resistors, Polypropylene film caps, and high-grade MUSE caps. Each pedal is hand-assembled with 2N404A transistors for rich, gritty tones. The metallic teal powder coat and retro graphics complete the custom design. The internal bias control allows users to adjust for extra gating effects or temperature changes.