Dawner Prince Boonar Tube Deluxe

Handmade in Croatia by a boutique brand enjoying some sort of cult status in the pedalsphere, the Dawner Prince Boonar Tube Deluxe is an enhanced version of the company’s most successful design, a pedal rendition of the 1960s Binson Echorec 2, an Italian device utilizing four multi-head drums to create multitap-style echo.

The DSP emulating the magnetic drum was updated and redesigned from scratch and can be intuitively tweaked via a cleverly organized set of knobs and buttons, with the parameters’ setting now visible on a brand-new small LCD screen. The other obvious new feature is the (real) dual-triode vacuum tube which, together with an EM81 Magic Eye level indicator, was added to the signal path to deliver a more authentic analog character.

Other new features include presets, an external tap tempo input, remote switching, and expression pedal compatibility, as well as full MIDI integration. Furthermore, a balanced and transformer-isolated DI wet output was integrated for seamless connection with studio mixing desks and external recording equipment.