Joyo Baatsin

Overdrives are the most popular effect for guitar, but, since hardly anyone plays with more than one of them at a time, the idea of a pedal that can deliver many flavors of overdrives in different modes is definitely intriguing – as long as you can digest the idea of a digital overdrive.

The Joyo Baatsin delivers eight overdrive tones inspired to the classics in a remarkably small enclosure:

T.OD – Timmy Overdrive a huge range of gritty, textured tones that enhance your rig’s sound while preserving its fundamental voice.

Sweety – The Sweet Baby Overdrive a sweet tasting low gain overdrive pedal. It is designed to overdrive distorted amplifiers and give dynamically controlled light overdrive on clean sounds. Made by the Angry Bees.

B Boost – The Boost Overdrive is a beautiful smooth sounding drive/boost pedal that it perfect for giving your tube amp a bit of extra grunt

T808 – We cant do without our 808 style Classic Vintage Overdrive on our board. The pedal has a characteristic mid-boosted tone popular with blues and rock players. The “legendary” Tube Screamer has been used by countless guitarists to create their signature sound, and is one of the most successful, widely copied, and “modded” overdrive pedals in the history of the electric guitar ever !

OverDrive 1 – This overdrive has got Bruce Springsteens nickname all over it. It was the founding yellow pedal of this classic pedal range launched in 1977, its fatter than a typical overdrive but with gain cranked its an excellent distortion .

Crunchy – Its a box of Crunch alright, way more than an overdrive, breaking up gradually into a giant sonic crunching tone of a big classic British amp.

Rioter – it sure is! turning into a versatile high-gain distortion pedal with the sonic characteristics and touch sensitivity of a high quality 100 watt tube

OC Drive – It’s a JOYO Ultimate classic everyone just obsesses over.

Three controls for Volume, Tone and Gain are all you need to adjust the amount of saturation and presence.

Check out the videos of the Joyo Baatsin, below.