JHS updates their classic take on the tap tempo enhanced Uni-Vibe with the Unicorn V2. Check out the video by Living Room Gear Demos.

P.S. We added this pedal to our comprehensive list of Uni-Vibe clones and evolutions.

The Unicorn V1 ws the world’s first bulb-driven photocell modulator with tap tempo.

Pink Floyd’s “Breathe,” Jimi Hendrix’s “Star Spangled Banner live at Woodstock 1969,” and Robin Trower’s “Bridge of Sighs” cemented the sound of a photocell-based vibe effect as an electric guitar standard. The JHS Pedals Unicorn is our version of this heralded effect, continuing the inspiring modulation/phasing/rotary sounds that never fail to push musical boundaries. And just like the originals, we included a toggle for choosing between a Uni-Vibe* effect and a traditional vibrato setting. What sets Unicorn apart from all other vibe-style circuits is that it is the first-ever fully analog, photocell-based vibe with tap tempo as well as ratio, external tap control, and external rate control via expression pedal (optional). And the Unicorn does it all with only four knobs and a mini-toggle switch. In a day and age when everything has been seen and done, we bring you the first-ever, 100% analog vibe photocell modulator with onboard tap tempo. You’re welcome.

Sounds as good as you remember

The Unicorn is bursting with all the lush and washy pulsations that changed what the electric guitar could sound like in the 1960s. And this is no digital emulation. The Unicorn sports the real-deal, analog photocell topology of the original units.

– Sounds like the originals because it’s built like the originals
– All-analog signal path delivers a warm, touch-sensitive tone
– Dry/Wet toggle selects between a Uni-Vibe* and vibrato effect

In-depth tempo control

There are other analog vibe pedals and there are pedals with tap-tempo control, but – if we’re allowed to gloat for a second – the JHS Unicorn is the first to put ‘em together. Add optional external speed control and a ratio knob that determines the rhythmic subdivisions – or as we like to say, how much fairy dust enters into the flux capacitor of the Unicorn – and you have one of the most versatile vibe pedals on the market.

– Control the rate of the effect with the Speed knob or onboard tap-tempo footswitch
– Want quarter note, dotted eighth, or triplet rhythms? They’re all found on the Ratio knob
– LED indicator notifies you of the effect’s tempo, even when disengaged