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Nov 3, 2015


One of the oldest and most beloved guitar pedals of all time is the Big Muff, a fuzz pedal introduced by Electro-Harmonix decades ago. This revered stompbox has certainly stood the test of time, and has seen a number of variations on the original design. If you love all those different versions, you should pay attention to Missouri based manufacturer JHS, since the folks who work there have created a truly amazing pedal in the Muffuletta, which contains 5 (yes, FIVE!) of the most beloved Big Muff designs into one pedal with an amazingly small footprint.

Not happy with five recreations, JHS included one of their own fuzz designs for a total of 6 different options. Included are these Big Muff variations

1. ’73 Rams Head’ which is a darker sounding fuzz with a scooped mid-range,
2. ‘The Triangle,” which is very articulate with a big bottom end,
3. the aggressive ‘Pi’,
4. the thick ‘The Russian’,
5. and creamy mid-range and brighter sound of the ‘Civil War’.

The controls are familiar to any gain pedal aficionado. ‘Sustain’ controls the amount of input gain, ‘Tone’ is a mid-frequency adjustment, and ‘Volume’ controls output level.

With all of these tonal options, it’s easy to see the versatility (and savings) offered by the Muffuletta. Add JHS rock-solid build quality and you have almost endless fuzz options at your fingertips. – Brandon Stoner