Hailing from Australia, the Isolate Audio RATATATAT is a modern take on a classic distortion circuit with a similar name but fewer “A”s and “T”s, and some intriguing new features.

Besides featuring a Bass and a (low-pass) Cut knob foreign to the classic Rat pedals and vaguely reminiscent of the Pulteq EQ, this box also provides a range of clipping options, including Turbo and Asymmetrical modes, enabling the exploration of a diverse array of harmonics.

The preamp circuit of Ratatatatat operates at a boosted +18VDC, ensuring maximum headroom and dynamic range, and allowing +26dB of gain, facilitating both crystal-clear clean boosts and harmonically rich overdrive.

We added the Ratatatat to our in-depth article about the best Rat clones and variants.