The Nano Attack is the third pedal by Horizon Devices, the company founded by Washington D.C. metal guitarist Misha Mansoor of Periphery.

It’s a slimmed down, mini version of their popular¬†Precision Drive¬†drive with only the Attack knob accessible from the front panel and two of the other three settings (Volume and Brightness) tweakable via internal trim pots – there’s no Gain control here, which is present on the Precision.

So what does the “Attack” knob do? According to the manufacturer, it gives you…

6 attack settings [that] let you dial in the perfect amount of low end tightness. Left is loose, right is tight and modern.

Rabea Massaad is impressed with it (see his video below), and metal players looking for a handy way to tighten/loosen their tone in between songs may want to check it out.