Based in Charlottesville, Virginia, Hilbish Designs is a builder of amps, preamps, and very colorful guitar pedals with a knack for dirt boxes.

Their T-Fuzz is a simple, two-knob and two-mode octave fuzz pedal delivering a range of tones from classic (red mode) to sputtery (green mode).

It just received a good review on Premier Guitar, check out the first video of it, below.

The T-Fuzz is the ultimate classic fuzz you haven’t heard of. The T-Fuzz can produce classic fuzz tones to noisy sputtery fuzz insanity! Use the mode switch to switch between red and green fuzz modes. The red fuzz mode produces a refined heavy fuzz tone, while the green mode yields an ear splitting fuzz tone perfect for noisy leads. Impress your friends, incapacitate your enemies.

Artwork by Mackie Osborne


Fuzz – Controls the intensity of fuzz
Volume – Controls overall signal level
Mode – Switches between two unique fuzz modes

Power – 9v 100ma center negative supply

Pedals expected to ship end of September 2019.