Beetronics Vezzpa Octave Stinger Fuzz

Buzzworthy Brazil via L.A. Beetronics has been rather quiet during the pandemic period, so seeing one of their colorful bug-inspired pedals appear in this 2021 “spring of reopening,” in a way, accentuates the feeling of a return to life.

Their new fuzz out of their custom shop is named Vezzpa, which might conjure up images of stylish Italian scooters. However, “vespa” is first and foremost how Italians and Brazilians call the wasp, one of the buzziest insects on earth.

Part of the company’s Babee Series, the Vezzpa Octave Stinger is a two-knob, two-mode modern fuzz with a high octave. It sports a gorgeous illustration of a wasp, and – just so you know – this bug is not exactly a delicate thing… it stings!

The pedal’s most unexpected feature is that the single footswitch can perform multiple functions:

  1. on/off,
  2. momentarily on/off,
  3. mode switching (double-stomp)
  4. momentarily mode switching.

FUZZZZ mode delivers a big wall of fuzz that works great for riffs and power chords. The Sustain knob makes it sound spitty at lower settings and like a gated super high gain fuzz at high ones.

STINGER mode is even more aggressive, bringing up the high octave and cutting through the mix with its extra harmonics.

Hear the sound of the Beetronics Vezzpa in the videos below.

The Vezzpa is a Babee Series extreme Octave Stinger. Not like our Octahive – which has a vintage character – the Vezzpa is a modern sounding wall of fuzz with a wild high octave. The single footswitch can perform multiple functions such as on/off, momentarily on/off, mode switching and momentarily mode switching. On FUZZZZ mode you get a big wall of fuzz, great for the coolest riffs and power chords. Turn down the SUSTAIN control to get a spitty fuzzing tone, or turn it up for a gated super high gain fuzz. On STINGER mode this wasp gets aggressive, bringing up the high octave and cutting through the mix. Harmonics on crack best defines it!