Just in time for NAMM 2013 we have a few new pedals coming from Earthquaker Devices, The Disaster Transport Sr and The Warden Optical Compressor. The Disaster Transport looks interesting mainly due to two independent delays and the claim for lo-fi sounds. I am also intrigued by an Optical Compressor for guitar in the form of a pedal as  the term Optical Compression is usually associated with compressors you’d find in a professional recording set up.

The Disaster Transport Sr is the much anticipated and updated reissue of the limited run Ghost Disaster pedal from 2010. Unlike the first version, which combined our Ghost Echo and Disaster Transport Jr., the Disaster Transport Sr was designed from the ground up to create an intense wash of lo-fi swirling tape styled echo. It features one darker 600ms modulated delay and one slightly brighter 300ms delay with reverb. Both delays can be run separately, in parallel or series (via the bleed control). When used in series/parallel, the SR will create awesome multi-head style rhythmic delays. In addition to being used as a straight delay, straight reverb, rhythmic delay, modulated delay and old school tape-style echo, it can also be used to create a wide variety of wacky sounds ranging from warped records, clanging flange, smooth chorus, echoed out squalls and various other-worldly effects that are unlike anything else. The switching was designed so each delay can be used individually or in tandem with both true bypass or trails.

• Delay A- 600ms delay with modulation with controls for Time, Repeats, Rate, Depth, Mix and Bleed
• Delay B- Reverb into 300ms delay with controls for Time, Repeats, Reverb Blend and Mix
• Individual switching for Delay A and B inputs and a master bypass switch, making trails or true bypass possible with no extra effort.
• Expression control for delay A repeats (create self oscillating squalls with delay A while still playing through delay B for an ultimate wash of echoed out noise!)
• Expression control for bleeding delay A out put into delay B (post reverb) to create rhythmic delays on the fly.
• Measures 5 5/8″ x 4 5/8″, powered by any 300ma 9v adapter for musical instruments.
• 100% Hand made one at a time in Akron, OH
• MAP: $345.00

The Warden is an optical compressor with a feature set usually reserved for studio grade units. Built with high grade components and internally powered by 18v, The Warden has loads of gain and sustain on tap and will allow everything from a heavy squash with fast attack and release to a wide open, “barely there” subtle sustain by backing off the ratio. The ratio controls how much the LED affects the LDR (basically, compression intensity), all the way up is full signal compression and more of the unaffected signal will come through as you back it down. It’s a cool and more useful control than the commonly found clean blend. The tone control is actually treble boost/cut which allows the tone coloration to go from warm to bright and lively and everything in between. Optical compression has a reputation for having more character than a VCA or FET based compression and The Warden is no exception.

• Optical compression with complete control over Tone, Attack, Release, Level, Sustain/Compression, and Ratio.
• Powered by a standard 9v adapter and internally boosted up to 18v for more precision, dynamics, and headroom.
• Handmade with high quality metal film resistors, capacitors and an audiophile grade OPA2134 opamp.
• Measures 4 5/8? x 2 1/2?
• MAP: $195.00

Gus Green