PRS Guitars Mary Cries Optical Compressor

Just like some immortal studio rack units (read, LA-2A, the source of inspiration) the PRS Guitars Mary Cries Optical Compressor only has two knobs: Output Gain and Compression. It was unveiled together with two other pedals in a release that represented the guitar builder’s entry into the pedal market.

The beauty of this optical design, just like the vintage original it’s voice after, is that it applies a super-smooth compression that almost sounds like it consciously applies the best attack and release settings for any sound that goes through its circuit, thickening and pushing your tone in a very natural and transparent way. Hence its two-knob simplicity.

The Output Gain knob has enough volume to act as a clean boost.

Have a listen to it in the videos below.

PRS Guitars Mary Cries Optical Compressor, Builder’s Notes

The PRS Mary Cries optical compressor pedal is intuitive and sounds incredible. Based on the storied LA-2A, Mary Cries will thicken your tone, help control signal peaks, lengthen sustain, and push your tone without losing definition or clarity. Depending on your settings, it can be used as a boost as well as a straightforward compressor.

PRS pedals were created to be high-end pieces of audio gear.


Through-Hole Mounted
We spent considerable time comparing available electronic components, and through-hole soldering enables us to utilize the best-sounding parts.

True Bypass
PRS pedals are true bypass, so you can stay connected to your amp. When they are off, they are out of your signal chain, and the tone of your instrument can be heard without coloration.

Made in the USA
PRS Pedals are designed by PRS Guitars in Stevensville, Maryland and proudly made in the USA.