Death By Audio Octave Clang V2

The Death by Audio Octave Clang V2 is a re-engineered version of one of the earliest pedals by the noisy NYC-based builder, brought back to life after popular demand. It’s a rather simple but uniquely gnarly octave-up fuzz.

V2 adds a footswitch to toggle the octave circuit and refined the overall design for an extended range beyond the sonic capabilities of the original, delivering also more subtle distorted and overdriven tones.

The controls include (from right to left):

Tone: a tilt EQ that can heavily affect the final sound, from blown-out when the lows are emphasized to cutting and clear at more trebly settings.

Gain: this knob adds up to +39db of gain, definitely enough to create all sorts of saturated and fuzzy tones.

Volume: Output level.

Here are the videos of the Death By Audio Octave Clang V2.