When you play garage or psych rock you can get away with sloppy drums and vocals (it’s lo-fi, baby!), but you better do your homework as far as your distorted guitar tone is concerned. ’60s fuzz pedals are some of the most collected and sought after guitar effects. Due to their use on seminal recordings, they continue to sell for exorbitant prices and inspire numerous reissues and sound-a-likes.

Sharper and harsher pedal than its U.S and British counterparts, the Japanese Shin-Ei Companion Fuzz pedal didn’t rise to its collectible status until the 1980s, when The Jesus and Mary Chain and other neo-psychedelic bands re-appropriated the sound. Fridgebuzzz Electronics’ Land of the Rising Fuzzz is a compact and affordable version of the obscure effect, perfect for a sizzling shoegaze sound or piercing lead tone. The Astro Tone Fuzz by Analogman (pictured) is a recreation of the long extinct Sam Ash Fuzzz Boxx. Clever reverse engineering and modern construction based on the original 1960’s design delivers a pedal that can add grit, punch and fuzz without getting lost in a live mix: in a world jam packed with murky, buzzy fuzz pedals, the Astro Tone Fuzz by Analogman is a true standout.

Video courtesy of gearmanndude (pardon the silly intro, you may want to skip to 1’17”!)