The new Boosta Grande from BBE  got even better with a sweet new look and compact chassis to conserve space on a pedal board.

Just like the original Boosta, the new Boosta Grande BG-20 doesn’t change the tonal balance of an amp, even with its max gain of +20dB slamming those tubes. To achieve a transparent boost, this pedal mildly rolls off some top end starting at about 1kHz, so when the tubes are driven harder the additional upper harmonics don’t get shrill.

Boosta Grande’s mission to preserve an amp’s tonal balance ends with careful post- EQ, but it starts by preserving the tone of a guitar.The box’s 1MEG Ohms input is similar to the front end of a good old Marshall or other premium tube amp, welcoming a guitar’s signal with wide-open arms. In the middle of things, 1% metal-film resistors deliver consistent tone and a rugged mil-spec circuit board provides tour-proven reliability. When the effect isn’t engaged, a properly engineered true hardwire bypass means signal passes completely around the circuit, from input jack to output jack without a hint of loading.

I’m really digging the concept of clean boost pedals. They preserve the integrity of your amp input’s driven state without imparting any color of their own. I haven’t actually tried one myself but I think it’s what I need rather than an overdrive. I love the way my amp sounds when it breaks up naturally and that’s always the sound I’m going for. I work with a one channel amp, therefore a clean boost would come in very handy. – Gus Green