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When we say “Chinese pedal” we often assume the device we are referring to was built through automation in a factory. Well, there is actually such thing as a Chinese boutique pedal builder, and its name is Gervana, a company that hand-builds all its pedals.

Their latest model, the Xin Wei, is a two footswitch parallel Chorus/Delay – check out the video below.

The Xin Wei Chorus/Delay pedal is simple and elegant.

Two independent effects, the delay is rich and the chorus is lush.  The effects can be used separately or simultaneously.

The Xin Wei Chorus/Delay pedal operates with a standard 9V power supply (not included)

About Gervana Pedals:

Gervana Pedals were created by musicians and hand crafted in China. Their goal was to produce a true boutique pedal experience without the true boutique pedal price tag.  They’re not mass-produced in an electronics factory that also builds light bulbs and cell phone circuit boards. These pedals are solidly built to last and sound amazing.