Red Panda Radius

The Red Panda Radius combines a ring modulator and frequency shifter with pitch tracking and an advanced LFO. It is designed around a novel “eight-quadrant multiplier” algorithm that smoothly transitions from ring modulation to frequency shifting and allows different frequency ratios for the upper and lower tones. The pedal offers a spectrum of timbres beyond traditional ring modulation, including complex harmonic structures, bell-like tones, metallic textures, frequency shifting, soft tremolo, and bubbly phaser sounds.

The pedal multiplies two signals together to create new frequencies that are the sum and difference of the input frequencies. One signal is your instrument, and the other is an internal oscillator. The Radius can double the sum or difference frequency ratios and adjust their relative levels. Learn more about manual excerpts

The pedal is responsive and predictable on stage, thanks to pitch tracking, a push-to-tune footswitch, and picking dynamics. Hold the left footswitch and play a note to tune the carrier oscillator to that note. Pitch tracking maintains the pitch ratio as you play up and down the scale, or tracks by a ratio (or inverse) for more dynamic sounds. An expression pedal can be assigned to any combination of knobs.

The Radius has an advanced LFO with triangle, square, random waveforms and an eight step sequencer, all of which can be envelope triggered. The envelope follower makes it responsive to playing dynamics, and two “X” modulation waveforms create sweeping spectral changes.

The pedal’s well-spaced controls and stereo input/output allow for sound design, synths, and creative mixing. A full MIDI implementation allows you to sync to MIDI clock, sequence parameter changes, and play the carrier oscillator from a keyboard.

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