Friedman IR-D Tube Preamp

For the uninitiated, in the world of guitar amplifiers, preamps are perhaps the most important section in an amp, because that’s where most of the tone is crafted. The Friedman IR-D is a two-channel tube preamp by a US company that built its reputation as an amp manufacturer, and represents the culmination in its attempt to translate that experience into the pedal format.

The IR-D’s two channels are recreations of the company’s Dirty Shirley and Twin Sister amplifiers. The pedal utilizes two high-voltage 12AX7 tubes for an authentic tube response, avoiding the tonal limitations often associated with lower-voltage designs.

Each channel features comprehensive controls, including

  • a 3-band EQ, independent, footswitchable boost,
  • Structure and Bright toggle switches,
  • IR cabinet/power amp simulations,
  • access to 13 preloaded cab IRs.

The IRs deliver studio-quality tones directly to FOH mixers and recording setups.

The user interface is clear and functional, with multifunction footswitches facilitating channel switching, effects loop activation, and individual channel boosting with customizable settings. Additionally, the included editing software allows for in-depth customization with MIDI-based presets, with storage for up to 128 programs, providing a high degree of control over the IR-D’s sonic palette.

Videos to follow.