Gtown Amps 335

D-style overdrives (i.e. drive pedals voiced after the ultra-rare Dumble amps) are extremely fashionable right now, and Russian company GTown Amps has come up with two hand-made pedals in this niche that are getting a lot of attention and praise. The 335 is the single-channel version.

Unlike most stompboxes in this niche, this overdrive doesn’t aim at replicating the exact sound and function of a Dumble amp. Rather, it’s built “along the lines” of those classics, delivering clean boost to mid-gain overdrive tones with a transparent, natural and woody sound.

While most D-Style pedals offer two modes (Jazz and Rock) this one has three clipping modes (Hard, Open and Soft) which allow the 335 to adapt to varying styles and amp/guitar combinations, broadening the sonic palette, delivering anything from lush and thick clean or light drive to tones reminiscent of the smooth sounds of Robben Ford or Larry Carlton.

This is Dr335’s little brother. Where the Dr335 is a two-channel drive, this is a single channel.

Built along the lines of the classic Dumble amps.

The goal was to achieve the sound of Mr335, so it’s a very Larry Carlton/Robben Ford sounding pedal.

The sound can be described as transparent, natural and woody going from a clean boost to mid-gain.

Three clipping mod switch Hard/Open/Soft which gives a nice versatility of sound options depending on the amp/guitar-combination being used and your playing style. Those three clipping modes make the pedal feel like 3-pedals-in-one. They offer a wide tonal palette to choose from. It can take you from lush and thick clean or barely noticeable drive to Robben Ford or Larry Carlton territory. In fact, the name of the pedal gives a very strong hint as of to how the pedal sounds.

• Handbuilt?Aluminum control plate
• Full metal powder coated housing
• Controls: Drive, Tone, Edge, Volume
• Three way toggle switch: Hard/Open/Soft
• PCB construction
• Run off a 9 to 18 VDC wall power supply only