In the late 1960s, about the same time Ampeg was working to introduce its now SVT amplifier, the company hopped onto the fuzz bandwagon with the introduction of the Scrambler. The SVT is a legend. The Scrambler was a stunning failure. It was rumored that it took the company half a decade to sell through the initial production run. The Scrambler’s huge upper-octave fuzz sound ran counter to the popular Big Muff-style fatter and thicker amp-like tone. There are clones of the Scrambler around, but Ampeg gooped the originals. Getting a 100% accurate representation of the circuit has its challenges. Ampeg itself reissued the Scrambler in 2005, but fuzz buffs say the newer boxes don’t capture the full range of the original. Some other clones of the original Scrambler include Fredric Effects’ Scrambled Brainz and Creepy Fingers’ Pink Elephant. – Blake Wright – read the full article on

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