Origin Effects Cali 76

Origin Effects Cali 76 – full review on Gearphoria.

A good compressor isn’t a one tone pony, it’s a sonic tool that allows for specific shaping of audio hills and valleys creating something more alive and immediate. A great compressor does all of these things, and still allows your amp’s natural sound to sing through. Meet the Origin Effects Cali 76 CD (or Compact Deluxe) — a great compressor.

UK-based Origin has been around since 2011, making a name for themselves with the ability to capture the studio quality of the lauded Universal Audio 1176 Compressor in pedalform. The first Cali 76, equipped with a Lundahl transformer, was a pretty sizable piece of kit. An excellent compressor, but a real estate hog when placed on the old pedalboard. A Cali 76 Compact followed in a smaller footprint, but at the cost of the loss of some controls. This Cali 76 Compact Deluxe shoe horns the flexibility and function of the original Cali 76 into an enclosure not much bigger than a Boss pedal, and it adds a Dry knob control. – Read the full review on Gearphoria’s latest summer 2016 issue.