Noise is not a stranger in NYC, whether you are referring to the city’s ambient sound or its musical counterpart. The latter is – more often than not – generated by distorted guitars, fuzz pedals, and seemingly out of control electric guitarists. Jenny Tuite’s band Dirty Dishes inserts itself in this coltish rock tradition, which gave us unforgettably turbulent recordings by bands like the Velvet Underground, Sonic Youth and A Place To Bury Strangers. A skilled guitarist, the Brooklyn musician and singer is borderline obsessed with stompboxes, and had no problem sharing with us some effect related tricks she does when making noise with her band.

What pedals do you have on your board these days?

Jenny: Electro-Harmonix Big Muff and Clone Theory, MXR Carbon Copy, Fulltone OCD, and Redwitch Fuzz God.


Is your signature distortion coming from the amp or from a pedal?

Always from the pedals.

What’s your latest entry?

I just got a Death by Audio Fuzz War.  I’m looking forward to testing it out at our next few shows.

Is there something you do with one of these pedals that is not very straightforward?

I use the Clone for a boost more so than a chorus effect,  the Fuzz God for synthy percussive sound, and BOSS Supershifter for feedback.

Which pedal on your board you think you’ll never be able to give up?

Definitely the Big Muff.

Are there any pedals out there you are itching to buy?

So many.  A few that come to mind first are:
From Devi Ever: Big Distortion Sound Machine, TBD, and Silver Rose
From Zvex: Fuzz Factory 7 and Fuzz Probe
From Electro-Harmonix: Cathedral and Memory Man
From Death by Audio: Robot and Ghost Delay
From Red Witch: Moon Phaser
So many more could list for hours.  This is getting dangerous.  I should stop!