Despite its name, the Origin Effects DCX Boost is a lot more than just a boost pedal, but rather, as its “subtitle” suggests, a studio-grade preamp able to shape and overdrive your tone.

The DCX follows a path recently embarked on by the British company linked to the designing of high-end stompbox devices inspired by classic studio gear and optimized for guitar use. In this case, the source of inspiration is the UA 610 preamp, a very flexible studio tube preamp.

The pedal reflects the original’s flexibility with volume controls for Level and Drive providing a wide range of tones from clean to fuzzy, two modes of operation, three voices, and a sophisticated EQ section.

In EQ mode, the company’s Adaptive Circuitry (already seen in recent other recent releases) responds to the performance’s dynamics allowing the top-end to stay completely flat when the tone is clean, while gradually applying an increasing treble roll-off as the signal begins to overdrive, resulting in a seamless transition between warmer overdriven tones and clean parts.

In OD mode, this top-end roll-off is always active, regardless of signal level or playing dynamics.

The Voice switch gives you three EQ options for this treble roll-off: Flat, Dark and Medium.

Your guitar’s tone can be further shaped through the L.F. and H.F. knobs, which target hand low frequencies optimized for guitar, avoiding common EQ issues like lack of low-end clarity or overemphasising upper harmonics.

You can hear the soundshaping sone by the Origin DCX boost in the video below.

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Origin Effects DCX Boost, Builder’s Notes

The DCX Boost’s EQ and OD modes provide a massive range of gain, ranging from clean boosts and subtle colouration, through to edge-of-breakup and low gain drives, all the way to almost fuzz-like tones, reminiscent of a retro recording console with the input gain cranked. It does all this with the ability to stay completely flat all the way across the frequency spectrum, just like a great recording preamp.

In EQ mode, our Adaptive Circuitry allows the top end response to stay completely flat with the pedal set clean, with a subtle treble roll-off gradually increasing as the tone begins to overdrive. This works in response to playing dynamics and guitar volume knob changes, resulting in a seamless transition between warmer overdrive tones and sparkling cleans. When in OD mode, this top end roll-off is always active, regardless of signal level or playing dynamics.

The VOICE switch selects between three different amounts of treble roll-off, letting you really finesse the response of the DCX Boost.

The L.F. and H.F. knobs give precise control over bass and treble at frequencies specifically chosen for electric guitar. These controls have been specially designed to deliver powerful EQ shaping, without sacrificing low-end clarity or overemphasising upper harmonics. Boost bass without your tone getting muddy. Boost treble without exaggerating the harsh edges of an overdriven signal. Perfect for tweaking your clean boost, balancing different guitars or carving out a unique overdriven tone.

The DCX Boost is the kind of pedal that really lets the player find their own use for it. High-fidelity clean boosts can tweak your tone without drastically altering it. Subtle, low-gain overdrive can add some personality to a tone that’s struggling to stand out. And full-on retro saturation oozes character in a way that only classic analogue circuitry can. Like the best vintage studio gear, the DCX Boost is built to inspire.


  • Inspired by the iconic UA 610 preamp
  • EQ and OD modes provide a versatile gain range
  • EQ controls designed for maximum clarity
  • Adaptive Circuitry responds to playing dynamics
  • Voice control fine-tunes treble response
  • Ultra-high input impedance
  • High-quality buffered bypass
  • Premium components throughout
  • Designed and built in England