Collision Devices The Ranch

Marrying sustainability and vintage look, The Ranch, by French pedal builder Collision Devices, is a drive with separate boost footswitch and an added dynamic tremolo that’s gaining “buzz status” among the pedal connoisseurs. Interestingly, more than half of the pedal’s presentation text is about materials (it’s made of US Walnut wood grown in Europe covered by a layer of Pinatex) and how to preserve it and clean it (with wax and linseed oil).

The Ranch has three knobs on the top of the panel to dial in the drive and a bunch of under-the-hood controls for the boost and the tremolo. Here’s what the knobs do:

Dust: It’s the drive knob, it takes you from a very smooth drive to a huge distortion and it’s very sensitive to dynamics and pick up type.

Bright: Adds high mids and treble without cutting the bass, to get your guitar to break through the mix.

Strength: Volume knob.

The boost and tremolo’s settings are editable through trim pots inside the pedal and can be adjusted with a screwdriver. This is a Dynamic Tremolo that oscillates faster the louder the signal, and the controls are for Depth and Sensitivity.

Interestingly, the left footswitch alternates between the boost, the tremolo and the off position.

Check out the video of the Collision Devices The Ranch, below.

The Ranch Is A Drive – Dynamic Tremolo – Boost Pedal Made With Walnut And Pinatex.

It Is Our Modern Vision Of A Ranch.

We Have Built This Pedal To Be Very Dependant On The Dynamic. On Your Playing.

We Have Tried To Find Some Materials Alternatives In The Aim To Be Conscient Of Our Ecological

This pedal is made of noble materials. The stompbox is manufactured in US Walnut which grows up in Europe to reduce carbon footprint.The US walnut is very interesting first for its tint composed of black grain. It offers a superb aspect once it is nourished. Its medium density allows an easy machining while staying very resistant.

To create some relief and work with textures and colors, it is covered by a Pinatex slice. To remind leather, but without hurting animals. The Pinatex is made with pineapple leaf fibre. It is an agricultural waste product. More informations on Pinatex on their website : For ecological reasons, each pedal is polished with not chemical treated linseed oil. Cold pressed here in France.

Linseed oil allows to protect the wood. We advise you to pass an extra oil layer each year to preserve your pedal for a long long time. We provide a little can of wax to better protect The Ranch and to make it sparkle. It is made by us in our workshop with beeswax and linseed oil. The beeswax comes from a local beekeeper. We also provide a little pad to apply the wax. These pads are made by hand by the wonderful BCFQ here in Angers. Each pad is GOTS certified (ecology and social responsibility).

Each pedal is shipped in a recycled cardboard box to go on this ecological way. Wrapped with linseed string. The Ranch is protected in the package by forest wood fragments. We wanted to highlight the natural products like wood and our local partner Valdéfis. The wood fragments come from a collect done in our country and are locally crushed. It is the first time that this packaging is used. The little extra is that you can use the wood fragments as mulching for your plants or your garden.

The Drive controls are the 3 on the top of The Ranch.

Dust : It’s the drive knob. Nothing to add here. From a very smooth drive to a huge distortion. Very sensitive from your playing and the type of pickup and amplifier you use.

Bright : This control adds some high mids and treble to your signal. Without cutting the bass. Here to break through the mix.

Strength : Volume knob. Allows you to reduce the volume from the drive or to increase it.

Tremolo settings are inside the pedal. Set them with a screwdriver.

It’s a Dynamic Tremolo. The more you attack your strings, the faster it oscillates.

Depth : Controls the presence of the tremolo.

Sensitivity : Turn it clockwise to make the tremolo more sensitive to your attack.

You can have a very sensitive tremolo but not that much present or a more gated tremolo with a lot of presence. Turn Depth control to the left and Sensitivity setting to the right to obtain the most present and sensitive tremolo.

The Boost volume is set with a trimmer inside the pedal. Pre set it before playing so that you just have to play it when you want your sound to be louder.