Haunted Labs Scorched Earth Fuzz

This silicon fuzz by North Carolina’s Haunted Labs, called Scorched Earth, has a versatile tone knob that can take it from vintage sounding to gnarly.

Check out the videos – the one at the bottom was shot directly inside our Stompbox Booth at NAMM 2020!

Unpredictable and ground-shaking forces lurk just below the pedal’s tranquil surface. At its fiery core, the Scorched Earth is a “relic” fuzz combining the best elements of vintage silicon fuzzes with modern tone shaping capabilities. It soaks your guitar in harmonically rich, seemingly endless sustain. Kinda like mainlining hot magma into your bloodstream, but in a good way.

Its secret ingredient: a deceptively simple “tone” knob that morphs the pedal’s character and focus with lethal, insidious results. A few twists of the knob is all it takes to lure you in and then…eruption. You’ll be so smitten by its creamy smoothness, you won’t notice that the world around you has been reduced to a smoldering cinder.