Belonging to the rare category of “bands that keep getting better all the time,” Brooklyn’s dream rock quintet Caveman just released their third full length album ‘Otero War‘ (our sister magazine, The Deli, featured them on the cover of its NYC issue in 2011, before the release of their debut LP ‘CoCo Beware‘). With a gear insider like Jimmy Carbonetti in its ranks – besides being the band’s guitarist, the man is a fine luthier and owns Carbonetti Guitars (previously known as Cobra Guitars – we were tempted to ask him a few question about guitar pedals.

Jimmy, what pedals do you have on your board these days?
Currently the band uses mainly EarthQuaker Devices pedals. I haven’t turned off the Disaster Transporter Senior Delay and the Dispatch Master since I’ve gotten them. And Matt has been using the Overdrive White Light from EQD too. And Jeff uses the EQD Bit Commander for the big distortion parts in our song ‘Life Or Just Living.’

What about the amps?
We have been fortunate that we got two of the brand new EarthQuaker devices amps that they made. The head is called the project 25 and it’s a 25 watt class A amp with KT 66 tubes and we’ve been using 4×12 cabinets.

Is there something you do with one of these pedals that is not very straightforward?
I use an expression pedal on the EQ Devices Disaster Transporter Senior on the echo repeats that lets me push the repeats, and Matt does the same with his expression pedal on his reverb.

Are there any pedals out there you are itching to buy?
The Hiwatt tape echo.