JHS Reissues Ross Pedal

In its early days and for years after, the Ross Compressor seemed unimpressive among Bud Ross’ accomplishments. This was the same mind behind Kustom Amps’ success and its iconic cabinets on stages for Creedence Clearwater Revival and The Jacksons 5 among others. Ross, even when not mingling with ’60s and ’70s stars, pioneered a handheld radar device and home satellite TV.

But the ensuing scramble for the original Ross Compressors, produced from the early to mid-’70s until around 1980, followed by a brief production stint in Taiwan, triggered a supply and demand upheaval, resulting in soaring prices. Recent Reverb sales data showcased these units commanding up to $1,000 USD. Needless to say, various boutique manufacturers paid tribute to the circuit, but none bore the official family seal.

Until 2018, when Ross Audibles, led by Bud Ross’ grandson Cameron Ross, embarked on this very mission. They painstakingly reverse-engineered both the revered Gray Compressor and the cherished yet less acclaimed Ross Distortion, faithfully resurrecting them for the market, nearly five decades after their inception.

Today (August 15, 2023) JHS Pedals is announcing a reissue of all the pedals in the Ross line, released in partnership with the Ross family, and comprising also a Fuzz, a Phaser, and a Chorus.

Here’s the (thorough as usual) presentation video by JHS, followed by other videos about this pedal line.

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Single Pedal Videos:

Videos about the full line:

JHS Ross Pedals Reissues, Builder’s Notes

The story of ROSS Pedals isn’t the story of a product, or even of a company. It’s the story of an entrepreneur on par with innovators like Leo Fender and Paul Bigsby. His birth name was Charles, but his friends– and he had plenty –called him Bud.