Here’s a brand new demo of the Buffalo FX Carrera Overdrive by Livingroom Gear Demos. Buffalo FX is not based in upstate New York, as you might expect, but in Tolouse, France.

The Carrera Overdrive is a lower gain pedal designed for clean/edge of breakup tones. Often when playing clean it can feel like the guitar lacks presence in the lower mids and upper mids. The Carrera adds a slight boost to these frequencies giving your guitar a better balance throughout , perfect for cleaner single note work with more note definition and dynamics.
With bass and treble at around 2 o’clock and gain set low, it has a warm treble and a more percussive low end than your clean signal remeniscent of a Klon set for clean boost.
Although it really shines on cleaner settings, the Carrera is perfectly happy delivering vintage full bodied overdriven tones. Passive Bass and treble controls for a more natural sounding eq can brighten humbuckers, fatten up a strat bridge pickup or cut the undesirable low end from a strat neck pickup. – More info here.

Guitar: Fano PX6 Amp: Tone King 20th Anniversary Imperial