Bolt & Forge Appaloosa Germanium Overdrive

Bolt & Forge is the on-man project of Jason Lily, an ex newspaper editor with a big passion for guitar pedals. The Appaloosa Germanium overdrive is one of the four pedals currently offered by his company, three dirt boxes and an optical compressor.

It’s a low-to mid-gain overdrive that’s very dynamic and transparent thanks to its neutral EQ profile, using gain staging like a tube amp and facilitating tones ranging from edge-of-breakup tone to borderline distorted, with the added versatility offered by a 3-way EQ section.

Bolt & Forge Appaloosa, Builder’s Notes

The Appaloosa is a true workhorse low- to mid-gain overdrive that reacts to picking dynamics like a tube amp and does it with a smooth, natural sounding breakup free of any fizz in the note decay. A neutral EQ profile keeps your guitar and amplifier sounding like your guitar and amplifier.

With boost, gain and master controls, the Appaloosa uses gain staging like a tube amp and makes it simple to dial in an edge-of-breakup tone or any amount of grit or dirt you need. The tone controls add another layer of versatility. For example, you can turn down the bass control if you need a mids-forward type of overdrive, or turn up both tone controls for a scooped-mids sound.

Note: All pedals are made to order and there will be a lead time between your order and when your pedal is shipped.