The Bleak District Electric Miraj is a dual-mode, tap-tempo enabled, analog modulation pedal hand-made in the UK that can recreate the sound of two classic vintage effects: The Uni-Vibe and the Phase 90, with the great added benefit of letting you chose out of eight LFO wave shapes.

The knob controls are pretty straightforward, with Regen acting as a modulation intensity control that can lead to self-oscillation at higher settings.

A toggle switch allows to enter the “Uni” and “90” modes, while a separate one, confusingly named “Phaser/Vibrato,” simply removes the clean signal in the Vibrato setting, changing the character of the modulation quite drastically.

Have a listen to the Bleak District in the video below.

Bleak District Electric Miraj, Builder’s Notes

The Bleak District Miraj is an all-analogue four-stage optical phase shifter – in short, it does a mean impression of the Phase 90 and Univibe sounds thanks to its two distinct modes.

But more than just looking back at classic phaser and vibe circuits, the Miraj offers a wide range of sounds that will suit many different genres, from Heavy Blues to Classic Rock, Shoegaze to Metal.


The Volume control provides up to 8dB of boost, allowing you to easily match volume levels with other elements in your rig as well as having the guts to drive the front end of your amp.

The Depth control is designed with plenty of modulation range in mind – a swimming pool at the deep end, if you will.

Go from languorously plodding to immediate and cutting modulation. Use the “EXP” TRS input to adjust the Rate on-the-fly using an expression pedal for a more intuitive and organic approach.

You can also set the Rate using the Tap footswitch, giving you the ability to quickly and easily match the tempo of a song.

Sets the amount of signal fed back into itself, giving more intense modulation with a wah-like character, developing into self-oscillation at higher settings.

Select from 8 different wave shapes for vastly different sounds

Switch between phaser or vibrato. Vibrato essentially lifts the clean signal completely, leaving you with the effected sound only. It gives a very unique voice at higher settings, but at lower settings it is perfect for just adding a touch of extra dimension and depth.


The Miraj features 2 modes:

“Uni” – Based on the Univibe, this gives a uniquely chewy sound somewhere between chorus and vibrato.

“90” – Based on the Phase 90, this mode gets you into classic “swooshing” territory, but it’s also capable of more subtle shimmering.


  • Analogue Modulation Pedal with “Uni” & “Vibe” Modes
  • Handmade in the UK
  • “Phaser” & “Vibrato” Settings
  • 8 Different Waveshapes
  • Expression Pedal Input
  • Tap Tempo
  • True Bypass
  • Power: 9V DC centre-negative (not included)