Best New Pedals 2021 (March)

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Starting today, we are going to switch our monthly appointment with the StompBuzz with something a little more subjective than a data-driven chart (which saw the same “winning” pedals featured over and over in it for months on end!).

Enter our new “Best New Pedals of 2021” monthly piece! This is the March Edition, a handy recap of most of the new pedals released in the previous 30-day period.

While the StompBuzz was a chart of the most searched pedals on our blog, this new list is a selection of the 24 most exciting pedal releases from the past month, according to us.

Enjoy it, and please use our affiliate stores’ links if you decide to buy something, it’s a free way to support our blog!

We decided to organize the content in two lists: Non-Gain Pedals and Gain/Fuzz Pedals.

Best New Non-Gain Pedals released in March 2021

Best New Gain and Fuzz Pedals released in March 2021