Origin Effects Revival Drive Hot Rod Compact

The Origin Effects Revival DRIVE “Hot Rod” Compact is a streamlined version of this 12-knob monster of a pedal, featuring a single channel (instead of two) simulating the “Hot Rod” mod made by hard rock bands of the late ’70s  and early ’80s to their rectified Marshall and Mesa Boogie amps.

In two words, this means “extra gain.”

The pedal offers the usual host of tone-sculpting controls included in the Revival series, including the very useful 3-mode Post-Drive EQ, which allows you to tailor the pedal to your amp. EQ1 is ideal for brighter sounding amps, while EQ2 works best with darker ones. The P/AMP setting is used for perfect integration with a power amp, interface, mixer, or a cab simulator. The “Adj” knob allows extra fine-tuning of the highs and lows.


The RD Compact Hot Rod packs huge, hot-rodded amp tones into a compact enclosure. Following in the tradition of the amp technicians whose experiments helped define the sounds of Hard Rock and early Heavy Metal, we have endowed our RevivalDRIVE Compact pedal with more gain and a whole new personality. The RD Compact Hot Rod recreates the entire signal path of a classic, modified valve amp using allanalogue circuitry, bringing you not only the sounds but also the dynamics and feel of these covetedhot-rodded amps. 

  • Complete “hot-rodded” valve amp-style signal path with dedicated class-A preamp, long-tailed pair phase inverter, and push-pull output stage. 
  • Variable negative feedback to fine-tune breakup characteristics or boost presence. 
  • Reactive overdrive design simulates interaction between amp and speaker for realistic feel and authentic sound. 
  • Accurately recreates power supply sag for subtle, natural compression. 
  • Full control of tone, dynamic response and distortion characteristics. 
  • Interactive Blend control backs off the gain as you add dry signal, for the most natural sound. 
  • Tour grade, all metal construction. 
  • Powerful tone-shaping Post-Drive EQ. 
  • High-impedance buffered bypass with silent switching. 
  • Designed and assembled by hand in England.