All-Pedal Microdose Phaser

Following on the success of their filter pedal Macrodose, the folks at All-Pedal just released a similar looking, equally deep, and rigorously hand-made phaser circuit called Microdose, designed in collaboration with Spaceman Effects.

The approach here is to offer every possible phaser sound via its 3 stages modes (2, 4 and 8) applied to almost any immaginable LFO shape (16 waveforms), with modulation timing assigned via tap tempo and assignable to 6 multipliers (0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 3, and 4).

The phaser controls are the ones you find on most “deeper” phasers:

  • BLEND lets you mix in the dry signal for a subtler effect or let the pitch modulation take over at 100% wet.
  • RES adds feedback, delivering over-the-top phase tones.
  • DEPTH adjusts the intensity of the phasing, going into sci-fi, seasick territory at higher setting.
  • RATE controls the speed of the LFO and can get extreme both on the slow and fast side of things.
  • WARP changes the shape and feel of the waveform so thaty are not symmetrical

The Microdose also has an Expression input that lets you control externally the effect’s rate.

Here are the videos!

All-Pedal Microdose Phaser, Builder’s Notes

The Microdose™ is an optical, stage selectable analog phaser, handcrafted with our hyper-detailed approach to usability, and tone. The Microdose™ is the first phaser launched by AllPedal®. Sometimes liquidy smooth, sometimes chewy and lush, the fluid frequencies squiggle and flourish like the unrelenting ebb and flow of the sonic tide.

Beginning with the LEVEL control, you can always dial in the perfect volume for your phase tone. The BLEND control is one of our favorites, as it gives you the ability to mix in additional dry signal for a pleasant, subtle phasing effect. This control can also take you into pitch modulation territory when set to 100% wet. RES adds feedback, which makes for those over-the-top phase tones we all know and love. The DEPTH control adjusts the intensity of the effect, giving you everything from vintage 70’s phase tones to sounds from a sci-fi soundscape.

The wide range RATE control allows for both extremely slow and extremely fast modulation. Coupled with the MULTIPLIER knob and the TAP TEMPO switch, getting your effect locked in to the beat couldn’t be easier. Sixteen wave shapes are available via the WAVEFORM control and the WAVE SET selector switch.

Saving the best for last, the Microdose™ includes an EXP pedal input. With an expression pedal in this input, it acts as the RATE control.

The Microdose™ Phaser is built in Paducah KY, USA to last a lifetime.


• All analog signal path

• Selectable 2, 4, or 8 stages of optically swept phase shifting

• Wide range LFO with 16 waveshapes

• TAP TEMPO functionality

• Rate MULTIPLIER control with selectable speeds: .5x,1x,1.5x,2x,3x,4x

• EXP options for even more user control

• True Bypass