Lichtlaerm Audio Kassandra Phaser

The Lichtlaerm Audio Kassandra is a 4-stage VCA analog phaser made by a Berlin-based boutique company boasting an intriguing roster of stylish looking stompboxes in strictly black and gold attire.

Featuring a (rather sensual) image of the Greek mythological clairvoyant no one believed, the Kassandra is a very flexible phaser with a separate footswitch for tap tempo and 8 different waveforms (from the usual sine and triangle shapes to more edgy random sloped and steps). A mode toggle transforms it into a Univibe.

With an oscillation range above the average, this device can compensate for up to 6dbs of volume through the Level knob, and also allows for creative routing through an FX loop that only affects the modulated part of the signal.

It features also outputs for external tap tempo and Expression pedal.

We added it to our article about the best phaser pedals.

Lichtlaerm Audio – Kassandra, Builder’s Notes

Named after the tragical heroine from Greek mythology our Kassandra is a unique VCA-based phaser that offers you tap tempo, 8 different waveforms from classical sine and triangle shapes to more experimental random sloped and steps along with the possibility to be turned into a Univibe.

The resonance knob adjusts the amount of signal that is fed back to the first phasing stage, resulting in a crisper, more vocal like phasing without ever distorting – a thing that we always felt was annoying with JFET-based phasers.
The LFO has a way bigger range than usual giving you unprecedented depth and speeds way out of the range you’ve ever heard in a phaser!
As if this wasn’t enough we also added a volume control with up to 6dB of boost, an FX-Loop on the modulated part to create unique sounds you’ve never heard from a phaser and an expression input to control the phasing sweep manually in realtime. While being digitally controlled the signal path stays 100% analog leaving your guitar signal 100% intact at all times.


  • Lichtlaerm Audio Smart Relay technology

  • all analog signal path

  • 4 stages of phase shifting

  • 8 waveforms

  • tap tempo

  • fx-loop & manual sweep

  • Univbe & Phaser settings

  • volume control

  • resonance control