Adventure Audio participated in our Summer NAMM 2015 Stompbox Exhibit, showcasing their growing family of pedals, now including the mysterious TARS Fuzz (a pedal inspired by the movie “Interstellar“), the Fuzz Peaks (a spin on the classic Black Russian Big Muff circuit), and the Fuzz Lightyear (two fuzz circuits fused together).

The board showcased at Summer NAMM also included a prototype of a reverb called “Whatever.”

Also, with an expected release date in summer 2015, the Rochester, NY manufacturer is about to revamp their first, beloved design – the Siamese Growler. The Growler is a unique overdrive pedal with an emphasis on the mid-range, based on the beloved Ibanez Tube Screamer. The Growler is a little bit fuzz, a lot overdrive, and completely capable of conjuring up some crazy sounds.

Controls are fairly standard and appropriately named. ‘Beard’ manipulates input gain, ‘Loud’ controls output, and ‘Horn’ is a tone control/low-pass filter. The ‘Third Eye’ switch is effectively an optional low-shelf boost, and can add some major girth to your sound. In addition to the standard on/off switch there is a built-in boost function for increased sonic mayhem. The ‘Louder’ control is a volume pot for the boost side of the Growler.

An all-metal enclosure, true bypass switching, side-mounted input/output jacks, and power adapter round out a very interesting pedal. If you like the venerability of the Tube Screamer design but are looking for something more versatile and a little more rude, the Siamese Growler might be just the ticket.

Check out the demos of two of the Fuzz Peaks and the first version of the Siamese Growler pedals below. – Brandon Stoner