Merge Black Face 11

OK, OK this is not a pedal, but it’s a product by a stompbox manufacturer (Adventure Audio) that can integrate your board with an Eurorack system, with results that some of you, knob geeks, will find infinitely creative, potentially mind blowing, borderline short-circuiting and at times also undoubtedly paralyzing (the too-many-options kind of paralysis…).

It’s a week to NAMM 2019, so we don’t have time to dig into this thing’s insanely fine details, but luckily Knob did it for us with flair in the video below.

The concept behind this module stemmed from the fact that we wanted to use our pedals in conjunction with our ever growing eurorack rigs. We tried really hard to explain the building blocks of Merge as simple and clear as possible.

“Love the depth of functionality for the HP – tons to explore – since the Old Blood and Walrus guys are both friends and in OKC like me, instrument-level effects are integral to my modular stuff and Merge is perfect for working them in!” – Dustin R – Ableton Certified Trainer