From Essex in the UK, comes Zander Circuitry and its latest pedal Cafetiere, a “distortofuzz” featuring two separate circuits of… you know what!

This is an evolution of the infamous Harmonic Percolator fuzz, featuring an extra gain stage with separate footswitch and a 6-way clipping diode selector. The purple pedal also sports a Starve knob delivering those beloved sputtering gated fuzz tones, and a Feed control, which “sweeps the input capacitance from low to high which alters the bass response.”

Check out this video demo by Henry and Guitar:

You don’t need cream & sugar with this one, the freshly-brewed tones of the Cafetiere are enough to keep you going!

Based on infamous “Percolator”, the Cafetiere takes the bare bones of the circuit and expands it into a tweaker’s dream, adding in a bunch of extra parameters to let you dial in the perfect fuzz tone.

In addition to the standard Level & Gain controls we’ve added a second gain control that is selectable with with the Gain 2 footswitch.

The Tone control is a useful low pass filter that is great for taming some of the harsher top end frequencies this circuit can have (especially if using a single coil guitar). Starve reduces the voltage available to the circuit, allowing you to create some really gated/lo-fi fuzz tones. Feed sweeps the input capacitance from low to high which alters the bass response.

We’ve then added a 6 way rotary switch that lets you choose between various different clipping options for the diodes, these are Germanium, Silicon, Red LEDs, MOSFET, Transistor & None.