Whimsy Machines Short Stack

The Whimsy MachinesShort Stack is a lot more than meets the eye: it’s a Preamp/Boost that provides guitarists with a lot of options to reach that fleeting tone they hear in their heads.

The four knobs already provide three stages of gain (Volume, Level and Gain, which is the internal amp), which, by themselves, can concoct a wide range of ways to push your amp into overdrive and distortion, with the Bias control there to help fine-tune the high-end.

Under the hood, a host of DIP switches let you adjust several other options like full stack/half stack (with the former adding an extra 40dbs of gain with soft clipping), linear/nonlinear DC feedback (providing slightly different gain and frequency response), and true/buffered bypass.

Hear how this pedal sounds in the videos below.

 Single stage ultra high gain JFET booster/preamp offering clean amplification to overdrive and warm distortion to murder-your-face amplification.
Two amplifier topologies available via PCB mounted switch. “Half Stack” and “Full Stack”; the latter injects a pair of matched current sources creating an additional +40dB of gain with softer clipping.
Two modes of negative DC feedback for each topology via PCB switch; ‘linear’ and ‘nonlinear’ offering slightly different gain and frequency response characteristics.