Updated Jul. 13, 2021

New Pedals at Summer NAMM 2021

On July 15 and 16 we will be at the Nashville Music Center for the 2021 edition of Summer NAMM with a 30’x10′ booth full of pedals (the Delicious Audio Stompbox Booth!). Among the 19 manufacturers involved there are some that many of you may not be too familiar with – this article is about them.

We created an interactive gallery featuring one pedal for each one of these “emerging” pedal companies.

  • Image mouseover or first tap will open a description of the pedal
  • Click or second tap will open a video

Check them out in rigorous alphabetical order!

Here are the companies’ websites:

Bardic Audio Devices (USA)
Dogman Devices (USA)
MG Music (Brazil)
Park Custom Pedals (USA)
Sunnaudio (USA)
Tone Electronix (Portugal)
Volta Custom (Italy)
Westminster Effects (USA)