New Pedals at Summer NAMM 2021

On July 15 and 16 we will be at the Nashville Music Center for the 2021 edition of Summer NAMM with a 30’x10′ booth full of pedals (the Delicious Audio Stompbox Booth!). Among the 19 manufacturers involved there are some that many of you may not be too familiar with – this article is about them.

We created an interactive gallery featuring one pedal for each one of these “emerging” pedal companies.

  • Image mouseover or first tap will open a description of the pedal
  • Click or second tap will open a video

Check them out in rigorous alphabetical order!

Here are the companies’ websites:

Bardic Audio Devices (USA)
Dogman Devices (USA)
MG Music (Brazil)
Park Custom Pedals (USA)
Sunnaudio (USA)
Tone Electronix (Portugal)
Volta Custom (Italy)
Westminster Effects (USA)