Have you ever found yourself asking, “Is anyone designing new effects anymore?” Or maybe you’ve said to yourself  “If I have to hear about one more ‘Transparent Overdrive’ I may puke.”  Well choke it back my friends, since we are starting a series focused on pedals that will take your tones off the beaten path and out of the stratosphere.

1358980552 418409001When people talk about delay pedals they typically use words like “warm” or “clear” to characterize the tone of the repeats. When attempting to describe the Red Panda Particle, adjectives like robotic, chaotic, unpredictable and warped only begin to paint a picture. By incorporating unique controls like pitch-shifting, detune, and LFO (just to name a few) this pedal has claimed a very unique place among a crowded group of modern delays.

Red Panda is a Detroit based manufacturer that specializes in non traditional guitar pedals – they currently offer three models.

Check out the video demo of the Particle below and see New & Used Listings for the Particle Delay at Reverb.com

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