Way Huge Green Rhino MKV Overdrive


The Way Huge Green Rhino comes to us from the company that was given a new lease on life by Jim Dunlop Electronics after being defunct for several years. The company of note is Way Huge Electronics, founded and run by mister Jeorge Tripps in the 90’s. The line was extremely popular in the boutique pedal circuit and today’s pedal, the Green Rhino MkII, is a reissue of one of the original pedal designs.

A Tube Screamer evolution, the Green Rhino Overdrive II was sought after for many years following Way Huge closing its doors and commanded several hundred dollars used. The reissue came back with a vengeance and with a few key improvements while maintaining the tone that everyone loves.

Besides the classic Volume, Tone, and Drive controls, the Green Rhino allows extra tone-sculpting flexibility with the Freq control, which cuts or boosts at either 100Hz or 500Hz—set internally—and the Curve control, which allows you to soften the the high end.

The company just unveiled MkV, which fits an almost identical circuit in a case that’s slightly shorter than your regular compact case (the only different is that the newer version lacks the Classic switch, which delivered the tone of the vintage unit).

Read Green Gus’s full review of the original unit here.

The videos below were shot using the older, larger footprint version of this pedal

The Way Huge Green Rhino Overdrive MkV is the smallest of the herd, but it unleashes a stampede of gnarly, gritty tones that rivals its larger companions’. The Volume, Tone, and Drive controls cover the basic functions, while the Freq and Curve controls offer finer adjustment of your beastly sonic yield. The Freq control cuts or boosts at either 100Hz or 500Hz—set internally—while the Curve control allows you to soften the creature’s roar if it gets too aggressive on the high end. With this level of versatility, you can take any amp from pristine to punchy, from dirty to thunderous. This pedal will have your amp showing a whole new side of itself.