Wampler’s The Doctor Lo-Fi Delay is one of the very new pedals that will make their debut at the upcoming 7th Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit.

This 100% analog stompbox is Brian Wampler’s take on the popular “colored delay + modulation” concept and was born from a collaboration with superstar, tele-master Brad Paisley.

Although it’s presented as a “Lo-Fi” delay, which implies color and character, the manufacturer wants to stress that this is by no means a one trick pony kind of pedal:

The Doctor Lo-Fi Delay pedal exudes a gritty character that works as well for laying down an ambient sonic bed as it does for old-school slapback.

Its self-oscillating capabilities, combined with the added modulation, will make the psychedelic guitarist happy, opening a variety of cosmic soundscapes. Tap tempo and straightforward layout including four easily selectable rhythmic subdivisions, on the other hand, are attractive features for those players who use their delay in a more “timely fashion.” On top of that, who doesn’t appreciate a great sounding slapback delay?

The “Lo-Fi” effect can be achieved using the tone and modulation section (Rate and Depth knobs), but if you are looking for bit reduction and FM radio effect, this is not something this pedal can deliver.

Check out this video demo by Mike Hermans.