Fresh from summer NAMM is the VHT Redline Micro 6, an ingenious 6 watt miniature amplifier packed into a standard stompbox size. Controls for volume and tone help dial in your sound. The Micro 6 has some cool I/O features that make it incredibly versatile, including input, AUX input, speaker out for powering a small cabinet, and headphone out that lets you play silently without sacrificing tone.

You can’t really get an overdrive sound out of the pedal, so if you’re looking for that you’ll need to use another pedal with it. Dimming the volume produces a pleasant sort of “dirty clean” sound, and the Tone knob has a full range without being too dark or too bright at the extremes.  The pedal can sound a little muddy with humbuckers but responds really well to single coils.

The Micro 6 might not be quite powerful enough to keep up with a full, loud band, but is a great practice and recording tool. No hi-Z output means that you also have to find a cabinet to pair it with, which is something else to keep in mind.

Check out also the company’s other new product called Vooster, a “power bank voltage booster” that converts any cellphone charger into a 9/12 Volt PSU who can handle up to 500ma, which is enough to power an regular average board for a couple of gigs!  – Stoner