VErtex Effects Nyle

The Vertex Effects Nyle Compressor is the perfect stompbox for musicians looking to replicate the vibrant sounds produced by classic ’70s and ’80s studio compressor racks. The compressor-preamp hybrid is equipped with a vintage Mic Pre that produces the unconventional tones associated with ’70s funk. The Mic Pre can be overdriven for a traditional hard rock sound, think Zeppelin’s robust-sounding riffs. Dual three-way toggle switches provide complete tone EQ: the treble toggle dials in high frequencies while the attack toggle manages the compressor’s sensitivity.

The standard ratio, sustain, and gain knobs complement an additional EQ knob for full tone control. The stompbox is engineered to provide the mastering effect that ’70s and ’80s studios used the compressor racks for, replicating lively sounds with sophistication. From Nile Rodgers to Jimmy Page to Prince, the sounds of the ’70s and ’80s are one stomp away.

Here’s a playlist with various sonic example directly from the manufacturer:

Having trouble getting that uber-punchy clean tone or glassy bass tone heard on your favorite 70’s funk records? Vertex Effects has you covered with the NYLE compressor: a compressor-preamp hybrid. The NYLE compressor marries the classic studio rack compressors of the 70’s & 80’s with a vintage Mic Pre, putting the legendary clean tone of the likes of Prince or Nile Rogers directly at your feet.The top row of knobs & toggles control the compressor side of the NYLE, offering traditional volume and sustain controls as well as ratio to control the blend of your dry and compressed signal. The three-way attack toggle switch allows you to control the sensitivity of the compressor, offering subtle to ultra-squashy compression.  Additionally, you can use the three-way treble toggle switch to dial in high frequencies that best suit your rig.  The bottom three knobs control the mic pre circuit, giving you control of the volume, EQ, and gain.  The EQ adjusts the low-mid frequencies of your signal to bring out the warmth of the preamp circuit.  If you have been on the hunt for that classic funk clean tone or glassy bass tone, the NYLE Compressor will put an end to your journey, offering compression, EQ shaping, and level control in one humble enclosure.