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The Japanese Hitchhike Drive by Umbrella Company is an overdrive/preamp that delivers the tone of vintage Tweed Amps.

Its three emulations, accessible from the “Amp Type” toggle switch, are based on the rich sound of the tweed Deluxe, the bassier ’59 Bassman, and the ’60s Twin, famous for its headroom and tight tone. An extra “Saturate toggle switch on the right activates a light compression that only affects the high end.

Check out the video by Reverb.com.

This Overdrive / Preamp pedal captured the tone of vintage Tweed Amps.

“Hitchhike Drive” by Umbrella Comapny is an Overdrive / Preamp box inspired by the tone of American vintage Tweed Amps. You can select 3 amp modes (D/T/B).

With adjusting gain knob you will have variety of tone option from preamp-ish boost, mild crunch and cruncked top boosted sound. In addition gain will perfectly cleans up when you down the volume on guitar, just like real tube amp.

The “Saturate” switch will active the “Dynamic Filter”, it will apply mild compression to only high frequency bands.

You will enjoy the distinctive saturated tone that real tube amps and it perfectly follows to your strum and playing dynamics.